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Related article: Date : Tue, 5 May 2009 00th 53rd 25 -0700 ( PDT ) From: Ami u003camias05 yahoo. com u003e Subject : Brief Encounters Chapter 22 Brief Encounters - The saga continues... ! eekkk First, the obligatory warnings and disclaimers - not to read into the fund, if unresponsive naughty sexual exploits of a young teenage student. the characters are fictional and not shown explicitly on the basis of a person... although, if you suddenly s in the center of the story Just think how happy she This is supposedly a work of fiction, albeit with some memories of my days of s own school and some of the most unspoken fantasies that I n and my "best friends " admitted only rarely, when we were playing in this very special, trust, and it was certainly innocent. Now it's hard to imagine what it was, no Internet immediately to help conjure up fantasies of the images, webcams, or stories based entertain. Our sex life was completely dependent on a very intimate iMagination and therefore able to create our own fantasies are often based Friends and what we saw happening under the table or in the locker room ! I am no apologies for the fact that underwear prominently in this story, because quite honestly it did, was very visible, and n is a tangible link that has developed between us and our fascination with sex! It is important to remember that apart from very rare sexual extroverts, never dared to mention n is the problem because they are easy to install, and no one understood he what is happening to us anyway! could be a story about the age of discovery - usually in bed - on If you share a room with a brother, then a discovery to be in the bad \\ \\ n into account for the ! time of writing the story itself is not ready yet, and the n better or worse, has now become a work of some length, but I'm n regularly for updates, and there is more than enough to keep written pages works! Nifty require a text file so that if the formAtting or punctuation go turn the tide, now I know why ! And while the script several reasons that had the names of characters have to change, so I hope of continuity, are now correctly Finally, I hope you enjoy and please please leave me a comment o suggestions, and for some of you, that could run a memory or two three, if you're lucky... I was intrigued to know Tom E -mail : amias05 yahoo. com **************************************** *** ******* **************************************** *** ****** message... if you sent me an e- mail and will not answer is because, I accidentally deleted some along with all the damn Viagra messages... again! Now there's a thought, you still need Viagra after n Read all ;-) So please, again, if you want a reply You could say that this chapter is a kind of climax the main... ! enjoy ********************************************* * ********************************** **** Chapter 22 - Sunday Morning " Ad everything I've heard of other children, is that Mr. Andrews had sent home Bates without your trousers or something. It was sorta said, shit and not back! " "Shit ! "Said Tom surprised " that you bought ? "N " I think so, I ' spose. Not. We will not hear anything until we go tomorrow we? "Alex said. " No, fuck you ! Now Miss Jameson WOT d ' you expect to deceive This story was wrong and all that? " " I think so. "Alex replied," But why not go through that again tomorrow the morning just in case you are asked, and then we both say the same thing. " " Cor, you're so damn smart! " Tom turned on the grass and beat him in the ass. Do not resist, could leave your hand on the thin blue material Alex 's shorts, his fingers automatically open the track summary of the letter. "Damn, I'm not excited here in your backyard! "Alex said, " not the old shorts to hide my hard cock " Tom smiled:" Youa very dirty boy. I think we have to sleep soon! " " Sooner or later ! Shit, now I go! "Alex smiled and pushed crutch hard on the lawn: " Tell me, what happens then WOT when I had left with a nurse? He looked at her ass! " " Well, not much. I went to sleep or something, I think, Miss Jameson arrived or something. But next thing I knew was that I brought home and mother naked me and asked me to put me in bed. " " WOT... I mean... you naked ? "Alex was horrified at the lowest thought of his mother undressed him. " YER! Everything! "Tom frowned, " I have no idea, I think it is must wash Teen Lolita me, because I did not smell when I was in school? " " Yer, it smelled terrible. But damn it, to yer mother, who are stripped must be as scary as Peterson has been an old gym! " " It was, he saw everything, "said Tom a new face," was all she said : Tom, I know that you're older, butdo not worry because there is nothing saw that I had before! " " I had a position, " Alex said with a smile. " Yer, no, but I knew I had to break! Was not it lucky that changes of underwear of them old, he had gone mad, had taken when it. " " Anyway, so now all like, " Alex said, waving the sun under the shade of the apple tree to get closer to lie to Tom. n ", I mean, like WOT Bates, and has forgotten or think you not think of anything, you know WOT I mean. " Tom thought for a minute: " I do not bother me, I hope not. I know. I dreamed that on Friday night, but still not well known n ' Spose much thought. " If Both the child and a minute of silence to think the lot of them, it only suffered so much that I could have been much worse Alex suddenly began to laughed and said.. "Hey, what do you think made your knackers, when ' em kicks? I guess it crushed? " " Well, "Tom was still laughingNow, "which almost killed the man. Serve I Bloody Well Right ", "Imagine, doctors and say I've been kicked in the knackers " laughing stopped when it appeared the mother of Tom, "Boy, you have a different visitor. And do not forget Tom, we have a Sunday lunch with a time or so. right?" " Thanks, Mom " ". Oh, it's Simon, that's good. " said Alex saw him enter the garden. Once a cycle of the neighboring village Simon was more than a little inflated. "You're in luck, Alex, you can walk around here, I'm bloody broke on the bike " his breath, he always said : "In any case, Tom, how are you now better? " Tom smiled and nodded.. " Yer, too," Alex: "Simon, you just gutted that we were laughing at Bates, because the fucking knacker should be" damn right now knackered ! " " he straw for a bit then ! "Said Simon laugh. " No, fine ' em flat! "Tom said, laughing :" In any case, Simon, I good and thanks for coming to an end. That is,But you're right, I mean as it was pretty hard too. " " I'm thinking about it. "Simon said, " Anyway, I spose I could always talk two or even art, if I 'm going to get? " " Of course you can, that the friends of WOT. " " Anyway, see the other reason was that I came to say that this afternoon I'm on a spy mission... WOT " " WOT, WOT... tell us, we go, " Alex said with enthusiasm. The three children huddled and Simon to act as intelligence chief that is obvious. lowered his voice. " Look, I know that art and Simon will meet this afternoon and this morning, that's all I knew, but now... " " Well, keep us in suspense with blood, "said Tom, laughing," Come and say wot is that now, then ? " " It is believed that damn James Bond! "Said Alex laugh now " YER -. OO7 two inches with blood! 'S, Tom said, chuckling. " Fuck you !" Said Simon. Their role in the booklet that he saw around him, as if Soviet agents were hiding in the trees. He continued in a silent vote. "Nigel rang so this morning, and I did what I could hear, " saw again, for fear of the Soviets. Alex was breaking laughter, this was ridiculous. " So it seems that this is to turn to Nigel is about three y... clock... Martin could be. " " Ah ! "said Tom, not very safe and tried to laugh. "We then use invisible ink? " " Fuck you ! " Simon laughed. " That means you could do... do something wrong..... WOT with invisible ink ?" Alex said with a smile. " do not know, because we never said, " Tom laughs now, "Sorry, I get to work Simon ! " Try to forgive, not the face Simon turned to look abroad agent and said, "But, of assembly, where Nigel 's room ? " "Probably in bed ! " Tom said, laughing. " you want!Now shut up ! " Said Simon, "Think about it, I've heard of a hut that was before and that's what art said, as said. Let him goThe instead of usual, said throwing the word! " " Damn ! "Said Tom, " You are a real spy will do one day, but WOT now? "Continue Simon slowly back and glanced furtively around more Soviet agents there. ' Easy. " He said, "I know where Nigel lives, so I'll be a little s before and three follow 'em! " " Fuckin ' brilliant ! Did you know that yerself ? "said Alex with a smile. " Fuck you ! " " I can ?" Said Alex. " Yer, I hoped that would," said Simon " Of course you can. All you have to do is here cycle to me. " " Shit, I had forgotten something! This will take 20 minutes and " be knackered. " " Well, no, as Bates knackered knackers ! "Tom said, laughing : " You can not mute Innovative ! Go and do it, then you tell me on the bus in the morning, what has happened. " " OK, fine. "Alex went to Simon:" So I will come to you then average of three or something, then. " " Yer, then we leave before nature does. will think we're playing football ot something. " ", playing with yerselves ! I know, you two! "Said Tom," I would label a along, but I'm going to save energy. Anyway, I respect the mother will say it is wide cycle Teen Lolita when I get to go to school tomorrow. " A leopard does not change its spots, or art may have changed the case a leaves, but not their customs. The ritual of bedtime straw n continue. He without But two concessions. first was that it was n ot let the bed squeaks, and the second was to try to preserve its cleanliness bed for one or two days at least! could not because there was no underwear n to that, when there was usually absolute brain waves and masturbated in an n of his socks that had just taken off ! Use proved to be very exciting, and so after waking up the next morning, the temptation to resist, at the same socks soaked again was too much. this sock feeling cold, wet slide up and down his cock was certainly an exciting new innovation, that 's definitely something n Nigel. but thebig question was, can you dare to use when it is dressed for the day? emphatically, yes! In addition, the socks at least for a few days was perfectly normal him anyway. As the hot cum Squidge between the fingers, was Teen Lolita a new sensation glorious, so much so Teen Lolita that his cock thought it would be poor for ever. Of course, it was in the era long before n sneakers were the coach even thoughts or PLIMSOL were the cause. that s always had a kind of rubber - its own flavor, the fact that the half is filled with delicious fresh sperm did not make any difference. "It's a beautiful day, what are you doing to do?" Asked his mother n when it finally came about 10 clock for breakfast. sat down rather carefully, since the second day, is not running underwear worn under the jeans and the seams were rough now definitely his brush nether regions. In addition, he was always aware of n of the hygienic benefits of use orSantander wear special decreases the absorption of pre-cum and piss ! " Ummmm..... I " " No, not" I had the opportunity to respond to his father in the right section had, "They thought would end, the little school project. is not it? " " Yer, how do you know my father? " he said, covering her face in mock terror. His father looked up and winked : "I know more about you... " not escape, I knew enough ! Guy was a little pink and over another. " That was nice of you all start washing yesterday," whispered the mother of his s of the kitchen sink, "if you would the rest of it later I'll end up n everything for you. " merges art," the rest of the rest.. Mom, WOT the rest? " " Well, have at least a couple of dirty shirts and then there are all his socks and pants, I just do not wash anything for days! I do not know where to hide Teen Lolita it all, maybe you should take a good look n and find something for you when you were young , as " Ted saw interestedif not surprised. Art and suddenly most of the mysteriously turn a bright shade of red and choked nearly to death in his cornflakes. " Dad was not he in the wrong direction. " " problem? " - he stammered, and quickly began to shovel for the rest of the dish. " I'll make Mother washing later, I better go and start my project. " " do you mean? " Said Ted sharply. "Do not start... sure! " N "Sorry, Dad. Of course, the end! " It looked so innocent, Ted had problems with a straight face. liked the guy, everything reminded him so much n his own youth, especially with the Bumfluff disordered in the upper lip and long pants camping! Those were the days! He smiled and I could not stop the tears in her eyes, " I'll look into it later and see how you're doing, okay? " " Yer all right, I ' spose so. "kind of grin and returned to his room, put toes of his right foot is now on the socks. Time was running out and completed the project in history was a small problem off the search for some uSantander to take his mother to wash. He had arranged Nigel call around this afternoon that he still hoped that somehow You could help the situation had become desperate! Alex left home with only 02 left 00 and arrived at the house of Simon half an hour later, after a surprisingly pleasant and comfortable trip in the sun in the afternoon. Leave your bicycle safely in the garden, he and Simon made ​​a point of saying they were innocent disappeared from the park to a football match and s on the road. " Where shall we hide? " Alex asked as he approached the end of Teen Lolita the path , where Nigel lived. "I know! " Said Simon, and laughed : "I do not come so far," N "! You silly sod, you're destined to be the spy of the bleeding "Alex said with a smile, " There must be somewhere. What is the house? " " Ummmm... "Simon stopped and looked at the sunlight, as looked down the road. "Shit, I dunno, I have only once before! But it has a green door ! " " Great! " Said Alex laughtion " a couple of bitches WOT spies seek for a house with a green door " is Simon, "Look at two trees there in the phone booth ? " Alex stared at the sun, n " More or less. " " is down there. " " Oh yeah, well, where we hide? " " shit, I do not know! " " but you are destined to be the fucking spy! " Both laughed. " Now we go to a butcher, come on. We have seen that somewhere before s art is here. " Simon said a short walk. " Da! " Alex stopped and grabbed the arm of Simon. He said: ". Show that the house of in some houses there with sale sign, we were able to hide in the garden, behind cover," " Well, if is empty! " " Well, not when they are still living in it, damn fool ! "said Alex laughing again. " She called me after a puncture ? " " Yer. You Teen Lolita have a nice little place, and I want to play now!" N , said Alex scratched by their blue pants. " Well, if we are behind the whore of coverage you can! Now hurry, we will see ifthe place is empty ! " With much laughter n the boys decided that the house was really empty and slipped quickly into the front yard and soon well hidden behind privet hedge cover. n Alex leaned forward and peered through the leaves of the hedge and s soon discovered that it was Simon, who was behind a very long hand in front of blue pants to extract promise! "... you dirty boy is damn hard ! " Alex chuckled," Of course it is! " a lot of Alex consent, then Simon 's favorite tricks to hard cock in the back of Alex, shorts, while setting a hand on each n of the pockets, and a little exploring. Teen Lolita " Hey, oh, like the feeling that in my ass. "Said Alex keeps laughing, " But you should not remove clothing or something, if we have to go, and go 'em fast. " " No, "said Simon, still laughing to himself: " Could not you have the path with his pants down and finger my ass yer yer! " This Simon leaned so its fas was in Alex's bum and started to run on the one hand, any of the pant legs, Alex squirmed around joy. " I love looking up and shorts ' em. " Said Simon, apparently very funny n himself: "I am delighted ! " " Ohhh fuck ! " Alex moaned, "WOT in shorts and a hand fuck 'em... oohhhh... " " I think I can satisfy you that? " Simon asked with enthusiasm, small fingers now infiltrated Alex 's panties and went to their crack. " Oi, where are you going ?" Alex said, suddenly realizing that the survey the fingers back and forth is not going. This was the hoped would happen " You know very well... that is where you want em right?" A little embarrassed, Alex muttered, "Yes by Tom did the other day, sorta thought again... " Alex did not dare to admit that the idea had a strange finger ass actually taken from the first onset of symptoms. The preferences Simon for the lazy I was really hoping that Simon could take the opportunity, so that had a good wash before " I fucking knew it.. you're a guy dirty! " Simon had sausage fingers becomes its target and began gently ring of small products. " No, I am... I washed my ass! " Said Alex, " Bugger... I mean! " N knew immediately that it is false that just ie but no later. Simon is laughing now, " Want to get dirty ass... you want the finger the ass! And, and.. well... that shit is washed for me! " \\ \\ n "Yer All rights yer! " Alex blushed with shame "that that was not him! " N "You're so fucking sweet!" the words were muffled still, because Simon had the face of his s pressed hard against his pants. " Oh, shut up Oh, shit ! " Said Alex, who was very touched by the comment, " Please do not say, Tom, please, it's very embarrassing. " " Very ! well, but that is pretty good," said Simon to laugh : "Now they in which, here we go," So put your finger up and the goal for childrenspongy, and who lived two or three inches inside. I did not know what s is called, but he knew from his own research on the back, he was very well put a around a little With enough cheers Alex jumped into the air with surprise, in fact, , jumped so far, pushed his face into the fence just to the right to see it and note the figure of a child around the street corner. " Stop, Simon Wait, wait, " he said, " I think art is here! " Simon reluctantly removed his hands and stood up, pressed hard on the n tents before his shorts. Looking through the leaves, he asked : "Are you sure is art? " " No, no... but it is a boy his size is not it? " It was Alex, "Bloody why the hell has to come now, I was enjoying that! " " you dirty boy, dirty, who played his ass with you! " Simon said he he laughs. " I know... now ! But not everyone is to admit that there is love there? " " Hey, look, " said Simon suddenly the Hedge ", which is not art, , that is... wotshisname ? " "Mmm... For all the hell is... This is Martin, who is in the same year as an art is not it? " " He is knocking at the door... There are three 'em now, I hope to be a great ship ! " Alex smiled," And you have a decent window, so we can see them! " " Look, " Simon said with enthusiasm, " Yer, look here comes now. Is non -stop idiot brother of mine! " " He is walking a little strange, right? "Alex said," seems to be wet itself ! "Started Simon laughing again," Now you know why? " " No, why? "Said Alex a little confused. N " There is no pants, has not received any. I am sure that and not have to take a few days either! " " WOT a dirty bastard, "said Alex, " All these drops of pee y... and dass.. Yuck ! " " Y ", said Simon pushed his shorts," No cheap jeans in them as hard as hell. Me mother gave me a pair of bloody horrible coarse material and the seam right in the ass sticks and rub yer yer balls ! " " Teen Lolita rough and hard, then? " " YER! I bet'D as a pair of them! ". Simon nudged a " Fuck off " " Hey, speaking of hard, like the tail of me, " Simon said with a smile :" I I hope we can start to Finish WOT ` because I'm really in the mood! " " This is me ! "Alex winked, " Oh, look at the front door opened and everything is ' Three em! The Little Martin is not... not much bigger than us ! " " treasures, he has a big cock ? "Said Simon. " With a little luck we may find out later ! " Alex said with a smile as he looked to , as they walk down the street. " Hey, look.. poor art is not happy feet ! " " There's balls and rubbing it in your pants innit ! " Simon said laughing, " Dirty asshole is! " " to move forward Let Em ' in the corner, so neither can see only see ' em and then followed him. "Said Alex " Yes, but I can not allow me to see art or is it bloody murder me! " ----------------- -------------------------- ------- ----------------- -------------- Chapter 23 to follow
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